BI - Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School is an international recognised and accredited private institution with its main campus in Oslo. In addition there are five campuses outside Oslo; BI Stavanger, BI Bergen, BI Trondheim, BI Drammen and BI Kristiansand.

Shipping is an important international industry with long traditions in Norway, and it can be strongly argued that Norway still is one of the most influential shipping nations in the world. In 2000, The Norwegian Shipping Academy was incorporated with BI, in order to provide courses with academic credits as well as research into shipping and related areas. BI Norwegian Business School offers various programmes at both Bachelor and Master level, autumn 2011 we started EMBA in Shipping Offshore and Finance and Bachelor in Shipping Management . In addition BI Norwegian Business School offers various corporate programmes where BI will customise a course to match the needs of an organisation.

BI’s Centre for Maritime competitiveness is grateful for having Professor Torger Reve (Wilh. Wilhelmsen Chair) from Maritime Knowledge Hub to lead an important and central research project about the Maritime strategy and industrial competitiveness.