Dr Aage Ingebret Jøsang

Aage Ingebret Jøsang is associate professor at TEKMAR faculty at HSN in technical maritime operations specializing in transport, distribution and use of LNG for propulsion and power production on board vessels. The position comprises a combination of teaching, participation in joint projects and research work in maritime disciplines at the Faculty of Technology and Marine Sciences.

The academic background is a ph.d. in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) including experiments on a droplet-gas flow. The ph.d work was done back in 1997-2002. Since then he has worked in various positions and companies in the oil & gas industry. Resulting in a strong and varied experience from the offshore industry within both process engineering and complex physical modelling of flow, mass, heat transfer and thermodynamics.

Research field will be within maritime LNG including transport, distribution and use of LNG as a ship-fuel and power production.



1997-2002      Phd (Doktor Ingeniør), “Numerical and Experimental Studies of Droplet-Gas Flow”, NTNU, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, 2002

1994-1996      M.Sc (Sivilingeniør), Process Technology, Telemark University College

1990-1993      B.Sc (Høgskoleingeniør), Østfold Ingeniør Høgskole, Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Engineering



2002                Phd thesis “Numerical and Experimental Studies of droplet-gas flow“, NTNU, 2002:111

2002                “Fluid flow simulations of a vane separator”, Modelling, Identification and Control, 2002, Vol 23, No.1

2000                “Detailed measurements and simulations of a vane separator” International conference on applied computational dynamics, October 17-20, Beijing, China, 2000.


Industry experience:

2013-2015      Rambøll Oil & Gas, Specialist Process Engineer

Performing process simulations, Feed studies, Flow Assurance, and technical lead for process on the FSO Martin Linge.


2006-2012      Kongsberg Oil & Gas, Senior Development Engineer

Developed and maintained process modules in dynamic process simulator, and worked as project engineer/technical lead in projects towards external customers.


2001-2006      Norsk Hydro ASA, Research Centre, Senior Researcher

Using CFD (Fluent) in order to understand complex flows and to solve general heat and mass transfer problems.


1996-1997      Umoe Oil & Gas, Process Engineer