Dr Marilena Greco


My key research interests are: marine hydrodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, non-linear free-surface and interface flows, wave-structure interactions, hydroelasticity. The general knowledge in marine hydrodynamics, gained especially through the PhD studies, was applied to carry on several analyses. Main topics of investigation are related to free-surface flow problems relevant for ship hydrodynamics, offshore structures and coastal engineering, focusing on resistance, manoeuvring and seakeeping. Major contributions are in theoretical and numerical modelling, complemented by experimental studies and related analyses. Within the theoretical framework: local high-speed solutions based on Wagner-type and similarity solutions have been investigated and coupled with numerical-based solvers. Within the numerical framework: a 2D fully nonlinear Boundary Element Method (BEM), a 2D shallow-water approximation, a 3D weakly-nonlinear seakeeping solver, 2D and 3D Domain-Decomposition (DD) strategies, have been developed. The DD strategies coupled: 1) 2D global linear seakeeping analysis with 2D inner nonlinear BEM analysis, 2) 2D global nonlinear BEM analysis with a 2D inner Navier-Stokes analysis based on a Finite Difference solver and a color-function technique for the air-water interface, 3) 3D global weakly-nonlinear seakeeping analysis with a 2D inner shallow-water approximation. The DD development required the gain of a deep knowledge of the involved methods. Cooperation was supplied to the development and application of 2D and 3D SPH solvers for the study of hydrodynamic problems. Within the experimental framework: design, cooperation to the tests, and data analysis, were performed in connection with water-on-deck model tests involving video-recording, wave-elevation and load measurements. Present research concerns the development of a 3D DD strategy combining a potential-flow seakeeping solver with a Navier-Stokes method for violent water-vessel interaction problems.




2001      PhD Marine Hydrodynamics, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

1997      MSc Aeronautical Engineering, The University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy



1997-1997         Dept. of Seakeeping and Manoeuvring, INSEAN      Temporary Researcher
1998-2008         Dept. of Seakeeping and Manoeuvring, INSEAN      Researcher

2008-2010         Dept. of Marine Technology, NTNU                        Adjunct Professor
2009-2010         Dept. of Seakeeping and Manoeuvring, INSEAN      Senior Researcher

2011-pres.         CNR-INSEAN                                                        Senior Researcher
2010-pres.         Dept. of Marine Technology, NTNU                         Professor



2010      Domain-Decomposition Strategies for Marine Applications, University of Oslo, Norway.

2010      Domain-Decomposition Strategies for Marine Applications, Det Norske Veritas, Oslo, Norway.

2002      Sea waves and their interaction with structures, University of Genoa, Italy.



Borri, Daniele. Hydrodynamics of oil spills from oil tankers.



Lecturer: of TMR4215 “Sea Loads” and contributor of TMR4217 “Hydrodynamics of high-speed marine vehicles” NTNU courses (2010-pres.); seminars at NTNU within the PhD course “Hydrodynamic Aspects of Marine Structures I” (Hydro I) on the state-of-the-art CFD solvers of interest in Marine Hydrodynamics (2004-2009).

Tutor: for three MSc students from the University of Rome, La Sapienza, four from the French engineering universities ENSIETA (Brest) and Ecole Centrale de Nantes; for a postdoc researcher from Ecole Centrale de Nantes; for PhD students at CeSOS/NTNU on the development of numerical hydrodynamic tools for ships and offshore structures, during the activity as adjunct professor.

Adviser: for quality check of Prof. Faltinsen’s books on high-speed ship hydrodynamics and sloshing.

Organizer: with Prof. Faltinsen, of the Workshop “CFD Solvers for Unsteady Marine Applications: Capabilities and Challenges” held in 2007 at Trondheim and funded by CeSOS.



Member: of four committees arranged at (CNR-) INSEAN for internal and national competitions and administrator in five PhD committees at the Dept. of Marine Technology of NTNU.

Examiner: assistant for Prof. Faltinsen in the exam for Hydro I (2008-2009), presently examiner for the TMR4215 and TMR4217 courses at NTNU.

Referee: for leading international journals in fluid dynamics and marine hydrodynamics: Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Journal of Fluid and Structures, Journal of Ship Research, Journal of Engineering Mathematics, Ocean Engineering, Journal of Marine Science and Technology.



2004-2007: Project manager on behalf of INSEAN for the “Submarine Motions in Confined Waters“ project, EUCLID 10.17, involving four European nations: France, Italy, Norway and UK. The research activity concerned both numerical and experimental investigations.



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