Dr Svein Sævik

Svein Sævik is a professor in Marine Structures at the Department: Marine Technology, NTNU. His main field of interest is related to structural mechanics in general, however, specializing on the development of methods for global and local response analysis of slender marine structures such as flexible pipes, marine cables, umbilicals and pipelines. One of his main teaching responsibilities at NTNU is to strengthen education of engineers with specialization within slender marine structures focusing on methods for ultimate and fatigue strength analysis. In addition he also contributes to the development of related research programmes within NTNU and MARINTEK. He is responsible for the joint MARINTEK/NTNU operation of the Marine Structural Laboratory and the related research activities focusing on static and dynamic testing of marine structures including flexible pipes, umbilicals and power cables.

Research interests: In 1992 I defended my Ph.D. thesis at NTH (now NTNU), Department of Marine Structures titled  "On Stresses and Fatigue in Flexible Pipes".The thesis focused on development of mathematical models describing the mechanical behaviour of flexible pipes. This formed the basis for the research work carried out since then where mathematical models have been extended to include description of other complex pipe cross-sections such as umbilicals and power cables. The main motivation for the work has been to increase the understanding of how such structures behave and to allow combing mathematical models and small scale testing to predict the lifetime in a reliable way, hence avoiding expensive and time consuming full scale tests for each new application. The work has been supported by world wide oil companies and manufacturers during more than a decade.The knowledge gained is now used in research related to ensuring reliable design of offshore dynamic copper cables used in floating offshore windmills.