Dr Sverre Steen

Sverre Steen is a Professor at NTNU, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Marine Technology and head of the University Technology Centre.


EDUCATION           :

  • M.Sc. Marine Hydrodynamics, The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH).
  • Dr.ing. Marine Hydrodynamics The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH).
    Thesis: "Cobblestone Effect on SES".


EXPERIENCE         :

1989-1990       Military service in the Navy. Worked with weight control and stability calculations on the Mine counter Measure Vessels project.

1990-1995       Research Engineer at MARINTEK, Division of Marine Vehicles.

1995-2004       Senior Research Engineer at MARINTEK, Division of Marine Vehicles.

1996-1999       Member of ITTC specialist committee “Model testing of HSMV”

1997-2001       Program manager of strategic research programme SKIPRO 2001

1998-2004       Research manager for resistance and propulsion at MARINTEK

1999-2002       Member of ITTC specialist committee ”Procedures for resistance, propulsion, open water tests, and resistance tests for HPMV”

2001-2004       Member of the board of MARINTEK

2002-2004       Member of ITTC specialist committee ”Powering Performance Prediction”

2003-2004       Manager of “Ship Performance” group at Marintek

2004-               Professor in experimental marine hydrodynamics at NTNU

2005-               Director of Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre “Performance in a Seaway”

2005-2008       Chairman of ITTC specialist committee ”Powering Performance Prediction”



  • Resistance and propulsion of ships
  • Experimental methods
  • Hydrodynamics, environmental loads and motions of high speed craft
  • Seakeeping of SES craft


PUBLICATIONS (Selected publications from recent years)

  1. Bingjie Guo and Sverre Steen, (2010) “Experiment on added resistance in short waves”, 28thSymposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, 12-18 September, Pasadena, California
  2. Bingjie Guo and Sverre Steen, (2010) “Computational study on ship resistance and flow field of KVLCC2” Gothenburg 2010 Workshop on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics, Gothenburg, 8-10 dec. 2010. Chalmers University of Technology. ISSN No. 1652-9189
  3. Amini, H., Steen. S. (2011)“Shaft Loads on Azimuth Propulsors in Oblique Flow and Waves”, International Journal of Maritime Engineering, Vol. 153, Part A1 2011
    doi: 10.3940/rina.ijme.2011.a1.199
  4. Savio, L., Sileo, S., Steen, S., Glodowski, R., Hoffman, P., Kraskowski, M. (2011) “Comparison of Experimental and Numerical Predictions of Open Water Performance Characteristics of a Podded Propeller”, Proceedings of AMT’11, Newcastle, England, April 4-6, 2011.
  5. Guo, B, Steen, S. (2011)“Comparison of numerical methods for wave generation by vof-based numerical wave tank”, Proceeding of the ASME 2011 30th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering , OMAE 2011, June 19-24, 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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