Building technology

As adjunct professor there is limited research activity involved, as the major effort is in teaching. The course being taught is "Building ships and offshore structures", focus on the modern and (north) European shipbuilding tradition with gradually less steelwork related to increasingly complex systems. More attention is placed on understanding and improving processes and the interaction with external suppliers in a shipbuilding network than on the actual details of fabrication processes. In addition to education, the position involves guiding masters students and contributing to PhD-researchers. Here, efforts will be put on research into modularised build methods, network/supply chain-based shipbuilding and environmental issues, particularly in the context of greenhouse gas emissions. Since being employed as adjunct professor (2010) one peer reviewed article has been published: "THE EXTENSION OF SYSTEM BOUNDARIES IN SHIP DESIGN"; A Hagen, DNV/Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway and A Grimstad, DNV, Norway, International Journal of Maritime Engineering, 2010 (RINA Transactions Part A) The main intended results of the activity will be to provide students with an industrial and holistic perspective of shipbuilding, elucidating the fact that this is a very advanced industry that delivers some of the more complex products in the world, at the same time as highlighting the very strong position of Norwegian maritime industry, particularly in the field of advanced and specialised products and operations. The fundamental approach is to make the students understand the logics that drive important processes, and thus also understand the dependencies between them. Concretely, this is essential in order to really exploit the potential benefits in building platform-based, modularised, using early outfitting in tight interaction with collaborating suppliers.