University Technology Center (UTC)

The Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) "Performance in a Seaway" was opened in May 2005.

The centre is headed by Professor Sverre Steen at NTNU. The UTC owner is Director of Research and Technology in Rolls-Royce Marine, Rune Garen, and the UTC coordinator is Leif Vartdal. Dariusz Fathi is project manager for MARINTEKs activities in the UTC.

NTNU Department of Marine Technology and MARINTEK participate in the centre. Formally, there are separate agreements between Rolls-Royce Marine and NTNU and Rolls-Royce Marine and MARINTEK. However, there is a close co-operation between NTNU and MARINTEK in carrying out the work in the centre. The main agreements between Rolls-Royce and the participants in the UTC run for five+five years. The contracts were renewed in May 2010. A budget frame is agreed for five years, to enable long-term planning and hiring of personnel, something that is a very important aspect for a university.

A project plan with a similar time frame is discussed and agreed upon in each Annual Review; A yearly event where a broad selection of managers from Rolls-Royce meets with the project team to discuss progress and future direction of the UTC. The detailed work plan and budget is agreed on a yearly basis.

The total budget for the UTC is approximately 10 mill NOK per year. This budget is shared roughly equally between NTNU and MARINTEK. Just above half of the budget is covered by Rolls-Royce Marine. The remaining part comes from the Norwegian Research Council through KMB and Era-Net Martec projects, which are carried out as part of the UTC, and from in-kind contributions by MARINTEK and NTNU. NTNU is contributing with a PhD student on university scholarship, and MARINTEK is contributing with in-kind financing similar to a post doc position.

NTNU is mainly performing research by PhD, post doc and Msc-students, engaged in fairly basic research, while MARINTEK is performing more applied research; model tests and software development.