Ice mechanics

Description of research front Sea ice is a major challenge within Arctic marine technology, and the sea ice community works on characterizing sea ice conditions so that safe and economically sound technical solutions for both humans and the environment can be developed. A better knowledge about ice properties and ice conditions is required, and we need to know how strong the ice is, how thick it is, how fast it drifts and the probability of occurrence in defined areas. NTNU (and UNIS) is one of the major contributors to this research, and I am in particular involved in research about ice ridges, and thermo-mechanical properties of sea ice.

Applicability Sea ice is a major challenge in all Arctic waters, but also in important sub-Arctic waters such as the Northern Caspian Sea, The Bohai Bay in China and the Sakhalin area in East-Russia. Norwegian industry is involved in among others challenges such as the Stockman development and the exploitations in Sea of Okhotsk (off the island Sakhalin).