International marketing

The Chair in International Marketing has classified its scientific work in two main research areas. The first area is Industrial economics, growth, and economic policy. Much of the work within this field deals with evaluation of public R&D support, both theoretically and empirically, and analyses of different determinants of economic growth - in particular connected to open economy, transport infrastructure, and R&D infrastructure. One theoretical contribution focuses on the relationship between market structure and innovations. A new theoretical product-variety model with vertical market linkages between downstream (final production) and upstream (intermediate) firms is introduced, and interesting policy implications are discussed. Within the R&D evaluation field two topics are focused: 1) The theoretical founding of public R&D support, and 2) The effect of the R&D support on different outcome measures. Different analytical techniques (e.g., probit regression, negative binomial regression) are used. The second area of research is Market analysis, which is further divided into three sub-groups: 1) Marketing and management of higher education, 2) Service- and relational-marketing, and 3) Other. Most of the publications are empirical work, and a broad spectre of statistical analytical methods have been used (e.g., time series analysis, co-integration, VAR, ordinal regression, logistic regression, multivariate analysis).